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Why You Need Us

Why You Need Us

Why You Need Home Watching Services

Our clients who were fortunate enough not to have had a problem leaving their home unmonitored, ultimately realized that they were leaving one of their greatest assets unprotected. With the belief that their homes should have the same safeguards as any other major investment, they hired Snowbird Caretaker Services to be that protection, and ultimately achieved total peace of mind. Returning home after a lengthy absence and hoping nothing has happened is a risk, and one you should not take.

Prior to employing Snowbird Caretaker Services to watch their homes, many of our current clients told of major catastrophes that occurred when they left their home unattended for an extended period of time. 

Some of the problems and outright disasters that they encountered were:


What’s worse, at least one of our client’s damages were not covered by their homeowner’s insurance, due to the fact that their insurance policy required that the home be monitored if left unattended for any lengthy period of time.This resulted in thousands of dollars of out of pocket expenses to repair the resulting damage to make their home habitable again. All insurance policies are different. Check with your agent and read your policy to ascertain if your policy has the same requirements.

Your investment in Snowbird Caretaker Services will pay for itself. Regular inspections can save you money by:


These are just a few of the reasons why you need Snowbird Caretaker Services to monitor your home. Go to our services page to learn what we do to protect your home while you’re away.