Bulk Pricing

As mentioned, some insurance companies require routine inspections while the owner is away. This is particularly true of condominiums. So, if you are a condominium association or HOA official in need of a bulk pricing for multiple units, please call us to see if we can fulfill your needs.

Remember, we are licensed, bonded, and insured, (as some of of our competitors are not) and we are officially established with the State of Florida as a corporation. These are the guidelines that most insurance companies have established to allow you to fulfill your obligation to provide inspection services.

Our prices are reasonable and competitive, and our services can be customized to whatever your insurance company coverage is demanding.

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Snowbird’s service provides 24 hr. availability in the event of an emergency. That, to me, is a huge plus.

P.G. – Palm City


“Neighborly care when you’re not there.”