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Property Management and Home Watch Services

We at Snowbird Caretaker Services believe that regular home inspections are the best way to safeguard your residence while you’re away. A neighborly presence can help, but really only has limited effectiveness. Most insurance company policies require home monitoring while a homeowner is away for any lengthy period of time. Of those insurance companies that require home monitoring, most mandate at least a weekly inspection frequency, a premise to which we wholly subscribe. In the testimonials area, read some of the horrific problems that our clients came home to, prior to using our services, when they left their homes unattended. All of these issues could have been minimized had their homes been inspected on a regular basis.

Our regular, comprehensive inspections include checking all of the following:

  • A complete walk-around of the home’s exterior to inspect for general security, roof integrity, pest infestation
  • A complete interior room-to-room walk-thru to inspect for:
  • Air conditioner functionality and humidity level, filter cleanliness
  • Water intrusion from plumbing, roof leaks, window leaks
  • Pest infestation
  • Exercising of all plumbing to keep toilet and sink traps full
  • Monitoring of security system and smoke alarms, appliance function, thermostat
  • Inspecting for mold and mildew issues
  • Insuring one vehicle is kept operational
  • Mail collection and forwarding
  • Any other customized homeowner request

An inspection report is left after every visit, and our clients are kept up to date via monthly emails, to ensure open communication and to report general condition or problem areas in your home.

Whether it’s a security alarm or weather related incident, or any other type of exigent circumstance, Snowbird Caretaker Services is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for emergency callout. If necessary, we will facilitate emergency repairs with the contractor of your choice, or use one of our recommended contractors, who are all licensed and insured. We keep a camera available at all times for any issue which might require documentation for your insurance company.

At your direction we will also coordinate:

  • Pest management
  • Cable company service
  • Housekeeping service
  • Furniture deliveries
  • Automobile maintenance/operational readiness
  • And, any other type of situation where someone must be escorted on and off your property to maintain the integrity of your home.

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SNOWBIRD home-watch offers personal service. I know I can contact them at any time, with any questions about the status of my home, either by phone or e-mail. That’s important with hurricane season upon us.

J.S. – St. Lucie West


“Neighborly care when you’re not there.”